PDWS Re-Opens – Its Good To Be Back Gaming

Well, what an 18 months it has been in the world. Let alone the wargaming world. Chaos, loss and hope at the end of it all. But for Penarth & District Wargames Society, like many other clubs, it has been quite an experience.

Gaming stopped in May 2020 and we had to cancel the Crusade Wargames Show. But through it all our members endeavoured to persevere. Using Zoom, text and WhatsApp to keep in touch. This was very important, having some single and older, vulnerable members.

But now we are delighted to be back in person and wargaming at Glyndwr Hall, Penarth. Obviously with conditions such as face coverings and pre-booking. But having the human contact and the buzz of rolling those dice again has been fabulous.

Penarth & District Wargames Society has had a variety of wargames on the go:

Sword and Spear – both ancients and fantasy (15mm)
Nothag in 10mm the newish rules from Plastic Soldier Company
Picketts Charge ACW in 15mm (Riessewitz Press via Too Fat Lardies)
Napoleonic Naval
Check Your Six
Infamy! Infamy! (Too Fat Lardies again)

We have been busy bees.

It is too early to make predictions on Crusade 2022 yet. Winter is coming and we are at the instruction of the Welsh Assembly as to what restrictions will be in force.  But we will try to keep you all informed as much as possible

But if you want to, or are interested in joining Penarth & District Wargames Society then contact us through our Facebook Page – click here. We can arrange a pre-planned visit.

In the meantime enjoy some pictures of our games we have put on recently.