What Do We Play?

Well here at Penarth wargames Society we are a flexible and eclectic lot. Over the years we have try, experimented and played a huge amount of wargames systems, rules, scenarios and periods.

Everything from the traditional games such as 28mm Napoleonics through Fantasy wargaming and more wild and fun games such as Blood & Plunder, Ancient Galley naval re-fights and Dad’s Army. We also do a bit of role playing from time to time.

If a member has a game they want to try, or bring along, we are always eager to see it and have a go.

As a well established club of over 30 years our members have vast collections of miniatures of all sorts. So you can be almost guaranteed a great game whatever you period or penchant. We even had Victorian whodunnit with the Ripper wandering London streets.

Some of the most popular periods and genres we love are:

28mm Napoleonics
15mm Napoleonics
10mm & 15mm ACW (American Civil War)
28mm Colonial – Afghan Wars, Boxer Rebellion, Indian Mutiny, Zulu Wars and more
28mm AWI (American War of Independence)
10mm/15mm/28mm Fantasy gaming
Napoleonic and World War 2 naval games in various scales
15mm and 28mm Ancients
and many more.

Boxer Rebellion Christmas Game

The same also applies to rulesets. Of course each of us has our favourites, but their are always some regulars that we come back to (Albeit sometimes with various house rules and amendments)

Infamy! Infamy!
In House Napoleonics
Pickett’s Charge
Fire & Fury
Sharp Practice
What A Tanker!
Sword & Spear Ancients and Fantasy

So finding a game you can have a fun evening or day with shouldn’t be a problem.

If you fancy joining then drop by the ‘Join Us’ page here