When & Where We Game

Games are held at Glyndwr Hall, Glyndwr Road, CF64 3ND, Penarth every Tuesday evening (Starting around 7pm) and one larger Saturday game (c.9.30am start) every month.  Saturday games are usually bigger and are generally held on the first weekend. 

Check the Calendar here first though. Click Here (Opens PDF document)

Feel free to contact a Committee member for further information or drop an enquiry on the ‘Contact’ page here.

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Typical Games:

25mm/15mm Napoleonics – Shako & In House rules

10mm/15mm/28mm Ancients – Sword & Spear, In House, Hail Caesar

6mm/15/20mm World War II – Flames of War, Rapid Fire, Blitzkrieg Commander, Battlegroup…

Wings Of War & Check Your Six

Naval Warfare – Napoleonic & WW2,

Colonial Games – Sudan, Boxer Rebellion, Zulu Wars, Boer Wars and more

Fantasy – 10mm, 15,, &28/32mm – WFB, Kings Of War, Sword & Spear Fantasy

15mm/10mm ACW – Fire & Fury & Pickett’s Charge

Blood & Plunder